Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday: Eva and Ella

My great grandma Amy Ella HAWKES, and her sister Eva HAWKES.

As I was reading up on these two on my mom's blog I found this gem: Ella had red hair, and was "very popular with the boys" according to Eva. What will my sisters' and my grandchildren hear us say about our sisters?

Ella was the President of the South Salt Lake Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. She was a member of the Woman's Legislative Council, County Republican Committee, and the Salt Lake Mother's Club. I hear she had a massive hat collection. She cut off her big toe in a lawn mower accident (that is why we were never allowed to mow wet lawn, or wear sandals while mowing.)

Me, My Mom, Camilla SMITH Wood, Amy Ella HAWKES Smith Monson


Roots and Branches is the blog of my dear friend, she'd love it if you did a flashback friday (find a family history photo, some info, and post your link on her blog which you can get to by clicking on the icon above). I couldn't do it without my mom, who has done all the work, and posted it for us to access.


Kay Jones said...

Love your blog.

Mindy said...

Thanks for playing along Brecken. I realized the other day, that even if no one else wants to play, it is still a good exercise for me to do...and a great way to record my family history bit by bit once a week. Still, I really enjoy seeing your old pictures and what you have to say about them. Now I know where Jordan got her red hair...this whole time I thought it was from your dad. :)

Mick said...

No. That's where she got her talent, brains and good looks.