Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

I know you already watched our nativity video, but just in case don't miss it.

Christmas day, oh Christmas day. 24 days of lead up, and this year a child who really "got it" but still was wrapped up in the magic of it all. He talked for days about solving the mysteries of what were in those presents. He knew how many "sleep and wake-ups" there were until Christmas morning. I'm not one for anticipation, I find it easier to enjoy things if I haven't built them up in my head. But, its impossible not to look forward to Christmas--luckily it was better than I could have imagined.

I awoke to the sound of Reuben's door opening at 9 AM. I woke Justin, who in his dazed almost-awake style grabbed the video camera and stumbled out to the living room to catch those first moments. Reuben gasped, then said, "It is Christmas Morning!" The mystery solving began with the presents from Santa.

Reuben wore a Santa hat, a tradition from Justin's family. He would pick the present to hand out. He had memorized which of the presents we had set out early were for him, and he went for those first. We took breaks to examine each gift, each of us just as interested as the next in what it was.

Reuben was investigating his remote control buzz lightyear space ship, when he said, "I love you Dad!" We will remember that, not that it was a buzz lightyear space ship that prompted the outburst of love, but that there was an outburst of love. I'm glad he recognized that it was love that prompted the great gift, and it was love that he felt in receiving it. So, while he might not understand the correlation between gift giving at Christmas, and the greatest gift of all, he understands love and that is truly the first step.

We received a mystery package. No return address, but post marked in southern Utah. So, Mystery Friend: Reuben loves the skates, and is getting pretty good rolling back and forth down our hallway. Lane Bryant is having a 60% off sale, so my gift card will go a really really long way, and Justin loves the sweater. Thank you! Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Reuben says "Thank you mystery friend" every time he puts on or takes off the skates.

You know the "love languages." I'm glad I understand that one of Justin's is "gift giving," so I could focus on how much he loves me instead of feeling bad that he sacrificed so much to give the gifts he gave. I felt so spoiled I pulled out the belt and socks I was going to give him for our anniversary.

I started making dinner. Simeon slept, and Reuben played with his Christmas presents. I do love making fancy things, so the full spread was on the menu. Ham, cheesy mashed potatoes, fruity dressing, asparagus, rolls, and cranberry sauce. I even put together a little relish dish. We have enough left overs I won't have to cook for a couple days, and then I'll be ready to do something fancy for New Year's Eve. The dinner was delicious, even if I did run out of time to make a pie. I'm going to make the pie as soon as I finish writing my talk for Sunday.

I was able to serve my family, and was blessed in return. That is the best part of christmas, and while I love all the gifts I received, the thing I hope to remember is the expressions of love that I witnessed. Merry Christmas. I hope yours was filled with love as well.


Demi Lovato said...

oh look! some blown glass martini glasses from mexico.

Rachel said...

By the way, thanks so much for including a pic of Reuben opening the train. That made me sooo happy!
Love to you all!

Tammy Lorna said...

Sounds like a great day - I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

xo Tammy

PS. I just watched your nativity video and really loved it too. Justin - I thought you read it really beautifully... although when you first started reading I started laughing because I thought you were putting on the american accent - and then I remembered that you have one! hahaha!