Monday, November 23, 2009


1 or 2

I've been experimenting with processing in photoshop. I think it takes a lot of art to take a good photo in the first place, and I pride myself in requiring minimal editing. But processing is very "in" right now, and I do like the results when other people do it. I'm not sure I've got it down yet. I often find myself liking the original more then the versions I spent too much time trying to manipulate.


I really really want some family photos--with all 4 of us in the photo, but its just not in the budget. Anyone want to do a photo swap? Three year olds and tripods don't mix well, the best we can get is this:

See Reuben in the lower right corner in the photo below?

I did get some good ones of Justin and the boys, they are coming.


Mindy said...

On your photos towards the top, I like the originals better too. But I like what you did with the very last picture.
It always seems like a fun game to get the tripod set up and look at the blinking light when it goes off. I think Reuben could do it--you're right, it is tricky. You could get lucky if you have burst of photos option on your camera that I don't know about.

Kara said...

Gorgeous photos, both as originals and edited! In my opinion, it's hard to find a good balance with processing since it takes so much darn time...

Anyway, as a former roommate of your sis, I stumbled across your blog via Talyn's. I was telling my hubby how great it was when he mentioned that he ran into you when he was in NY. How fun! You have all my respect, kudos, (and prayers :) ) for juggling a young family in the city. We did that a little bit last year while living in France, and I know it can be fun, but exhausting. Oh, and congrats on Simeon! I'm totally jealous of his birthday. We were hoping our boy would be born that day, but he didn't show up until a week later... :)

Rachel said...

Great pictures! Do you use Photoshop Suite or Elements?

breckster said...
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breckster said...

Thanks--I use Photoshop from the Adobe Production Studio Premium.

Tammy Lorna said...

Brecken! These look awesome! I love them :) They add so much character to the photos, don't that!

xo Tammy