Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Glad he was born

I love him.
"Which him?" you ask.
Well all the hims in that photo, but today I'm talking about Justin.
I love him.
He makes the world a better place. He works so hard, and is good at so much. He has great faith, and that faith carries our family. My favorite thing is to listen to him read, he does voices for each character, and his voice is peaceful and kind--as is he himself. He is dependable, which is good because I am dependent. He is good, and kind, and understanding. Etc. I've got to go make birthday breakfast, I'll shower him with praise in person.

So, if you know him, wish him a happy birthday, and maybe include a memory or reason why you are glad he was born. He loves getting comments it would make his day.


Talyn said...

Happy birthday Justin. I'm so glad Brecken married one of those magical people who makes everybody feel special and important. I'm also glad you were born.

Rachel said...

I will be happy to participate, but choosing just one memory is impossible. Brecken, you married my childhood best friend, and you make him so happy, which is a great reason to love you as well (plus also, you're a brilliant writer, excellent mother, a woman of faith and pretty much a domestic goddess-- just so you know that I'm part of your fan club as well).
But my little Justin Lewis Cook-- friend of mine for life! Today I celebrate his life for the goodness he's brought to mine. Oh! The antics of our younger years! Sometimes I think about the crazy things we did and said, and I just laugh.
I love Justin-
* For hiding every week in Sister Robinson's primary class-- especially the week he was in the window sill, and she just thought it was air from the vents blowing the curtain out.
* For being kind to one of our mutual friends and brothers who had a difficult time socially.
* For making fun of all the girls who loved Mr. Goff (my boyfriend) and then pretending to seduce him by biting a Cheeto.
* For giving me so many opportunities to co-host with him on KTGR.
* For asking me to Prom, even though I had to turn him down so I didn't ruin Asli Yuksil's time in America, and then being the only one who danced with me that night besides drunk Mr. Peters.
* For my earliest memories of him in a cast with one of those flip-flops on the bottom with the rainbow ribbon and his little tiny Bugs Bunny Glasses.
* For our column in the Valencia County News Bulletin.
* For his wonderful acting ability-- there was never a better Puck and never a scarier Angry Man (the boots and the way he walked in "The Jury Room" still gives me the creeps).
* For the way he'd always smell my hair because I shampooed with Herbal Essences.
* For our "Making Cents of Your Soul" skits.
* For being an excellent missionary.
* For following his dream of working in the arts, because if any of my talented friends can succeed in that business, it's Justin.
* For winning the prize for always giving the best birthday cards.
* For his Mr. Lynch and Ms. Flaherty impersonations.
* For being so in love with Brecken and helping her make two beautiful little boys.
* For making fun of people in the Los Lunas 1st Ward, back when there was such a thing.
* For entertaining us at lunch during Senior Year by calling 800 numbers on products, in accents, asking about the particular spring our bottled water came from, the percentage of each kind of meat in jerky, etc.
* For just being all around the best guy ever.

Courtlin said...

I love that bear.

I was trying to think of what I was going to ask courtlin to bring with her to salt lake today. It was...A teens.

Happy Birthday, Justin!

Courtlin said...

Whoops. That's me. Not her.


rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! Hope you have a wonderful day. And I love your 'tribute' to him, Brecken. You guys are just awesome! I'm sad that you guys won't be there when we come back to the city next year. Any way we can change your mind and have you stay a bit longer?

Justin said...

Thank you for those amazing memories and praises--I love you guys!

Demi Lovato said...


I did call you yesterday because Jordan made me follow her around so she could buy a car. I will call you today.

I am so glad that you were born, because I know my little baby sister is taken care of. I love having you around to make everyone laugh and feel good.

You are amazing!

This is Courtlin (For reals!)

Melanie said...

i am a little belated (my only excuse is my lack of internet access these days). happy birthday dear friend. i like that many of rachel sego's memories are some that i witnessed first hand. as for a few of my favorite memories... all of the justin's gotta know productions especially the sadie hawkins dance and the british yearbook episodes, our back and forth trips between los lunas and portales, and the exact moment i saw you walk through the sunport when you returned from your mission. miss you dude.

Tammy Lorna said...

*heavy sigh*

I'm rotten at birthdays this year! I don't think I've sent anyone anything let alone an email for at least a week after their birthday days this year! I'm a terrible friend!

BUT - I did remember that it was your birthday sometime soon when someone mentioned thanksgiving recently, so that's something :)

And I REALLY hope you had a wonderful day. It feels a little funny to not be seeing you for your birthday - in my mind your birthdays are inexplicably linked to seeing 'the next harrry potter movie' at the theatre... even though I'm pretty sure we all only did that twice... :)

So why am i glad you were born? Well, it would have to be because you're one of my favourite people on the planet :)

1) Mr. T-bone, you always make me laugh

2) You were wonderful to sit next to in all our film classes (even if we worried Erika a little at one stage!) - there was no one else I'd rather share chocloate coated nuts with over wispered comments in class.

3) Because of you I ended up working on all sorts of film projects at BYU (it's kind of your fault I have this job if you think about it) - if you hadn't come along I'd probably still be blissfully studying... haha!

4) Madgab, Sceneit, Charades... You have to be one of the best people on the planet for fun group games Justin :)

5) Paperwork in a trailer at three in the morning... I have to say that you were very patient with my country mix :)... Mexican restaurants in the middle of the night... Delicious buffets in the middle of the mountains at 2 in the morning... great filmset memories justin!

6) For all the times you generously let me come over and cry on the couch to Brecken... Hovering in the next room so as to give us privacy and support at the same time - You're the perfect best-friend's husband :) To back up everyone else, I love you for being such a wonderful husband and father to Brecken and the boys.

7) My (future) trip to NY - how much fun will we all have?!

8) The (future) trip you guys are all going to have to take to Australia.... you'd better start saving Justin!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so VERY glad you were born :) And congratulations on your first couple of grey hairs. I hear you were very excited about them. Though as one who knows, I feel it my duty to warn you that the excitment fades...


:) Tammy

Justin said...

Still laughing, and enjoying immensely, your delightful birthday wishes and memories--thank you!!!