Monday, October 5, 2009


Simeon smiles in his sleep. Its usually in those moments where he isn't all the way asleep yet. He smiles and laughs, then wakes himself up from laughing and immediately cries because he wishes he was asleep.

Justin was holding Simeon, Reuben was sitting next to them looking at Simeon. Simeon smiled, twice, at Reuben. It just so happened that I was saying the prayer for FHE, and none of those boys had their eyes closed when it happened.

And, just so you don't tell me it was a smile caused by gas I will tell you this. Gas makes Simeon grimace and cry. His little face wrinkles up, and turns red, he squirms and cries.


Talyn said...

It's so silly that people tell you smiles are caused by gas. A mother can tell. And if she can't, who's it gonna hurt that she thinks they're real smiles? Huh?

Erika Hill said...

I totally agree with Talyn. Who does it help to say that a smile isn't real? And even if it IS gas, I'd also be happy to relieve that pressure! I say enjoy every smile.

Sandy M. said...

Ditto on the totally agreeing! I think a mother can tell. Just because another baby didn't smile right up doesn't mean that mine and yours can't! :)

charrette said...

So sweet! I'll put money on those first smiles...they're treasures.