Friday, October 2, 2009

Blame the weather

I love fall. A nice crisp breeze, a little cloud cover, temperatures a little under room temp... this is my definition of ideal. Yesterday the whole family went for a walk after Reuben's preschool. We wandered through the farmer's market, its almost time for the overwhelming temptation of apple cider. I thought, "I love our neighborhood in the fall."

Today, I took the boys (by myself) to Columbus Circle. Reuben's preschool group went to see Peter and the Wolf. It was great! Reuben LOVED it. I made it there and back with no issues, but now I am counting down the hours until daddy comes home so I can take a nap. I brought the camera, but discovered that I can't do the boys and the camera on my own. And, while we walked, I thought again about how I love the fall. The city seems to smell a little better. I don't get stinking hot with all the walking around.

I'm still going to be picky about what I do, but at least I know I can do the bus, and a few hours of sitting.


Lark said...

Did you take the stroller?

Lisa Brown said...

I also love the fall. And I think you are doing great to realize that it is all about baby steps when you have a new baby - especially with number 2, since number 1 is always still there needing you too :).

Sandy M. said...

It sounds really good that you are getting around so soon - and on your own too! I can almost feel and smell the freshness of the air :)

Tammy Lorna said...

I miss Fall! We live in a perpetual summer here (which makes it pretty much ideal in every way... except that we don't get fall!) I'm glad you're enjoying things. I hope Justin get's back soon so you can take that nap, and that you get out again with your camera at some point - always love your photos!

xo Tammy