Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stuck---still, and again.

I took Reuben to playgroup this morning. I had a few really good reasons (hoping the walk would induce labor, making sure Reuben got out today, I'm hoping not to be able to go for a few weeks, etc.)

On the walk home Reuben had a I'm-too-tired-to-think-straight breakdown, complete with tears. Do you want to know what triggered it? The two little girls we were walking with didn't want to hold his hand. I don't blame them, his hands were pretty sandy, and it was time for them to turn off of Riverside anyway. The other mothers did manage to coax some hugs out of their girls (thank you!) and Reuben stopped crying after two blocks.

We made it home (the park we went to today is .8 miles away) with only one contraction the whole way. The elevator came. We got in, we pushed the 6 and guess what... IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! This time we were freed much faster, and didn't get to call the emergency guy, but the elevator didn't work. So we climbed the 6 flights of stairs.

And... Nope. Not in labor. In pain, yes. In labor, no. My hips, oh my hips, and my tail bone, and my back. Thank goodness it is a comfortable 72 degrees and normal humidity.

In other news we got a check in the mail from the Ambulance Corporation. Turns out the insurance paid for the ride we took when this happened a year and half ago, so they are giving us the money we paid back. Happy birthday to me!

The plan for updates is--we will take the laptop with us. There is WiFi at the hospital, so I'll have Justin let you know (on here) that we are in the hospital, and might even let him take a minute to let you know when the baby arrives shortly after it does.

And honestly I do feel pretty good, so if it weren't for this burning desire never to sit in that waiting room for hours again, and to have the baby before Justin is stuck in the full swing of classes, and not wanting to share my birthday I wouldn't be so motivated to get this baby out.


Michael said...

So, you're in your apartment. Labor hits.

Do you risk the elevator trapping you, or do you risk getting down the stairs while in labor?


emilysuze said...

Checks in the mail are always nice.

Tammy Lorna said...

Yeah for the check in the mail! Woo-hoo!

And yeah, sharing your birthday would be horrible! We'll cross our fingers you have the baby before or after :)

Am glad you're doing well and in good spirits (apart from the aching body), and I'm looking forward to the action entries from the hospital.

Give Reuben a cuddle for me - those crying breakdowns can be so traumatic. :(

xo Tammy

Mindy said...

Maybe you don't risk the elevator OR taking the stairs, just call 911. Afterall, if that last ambulance ride was reimbursed....maybe you can use that money to pay for the "GET ME OUTTA HERE NOW, THE BABY IS COMING!" ambulance.