Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

Reuben was jumping on the bed last night around 10:15. When he fell backwards knocking his head on the nightstand, and then the floor. Justin was there to pick him up right away, and while I was watching Reuben scream, and Justin rock him I noticed blood.

So, I said, "Blood."

Justin looked, and sure enough there it was, gushing out, like head wounds do. So we panicked, well controlled panic. The thought of walking, or waiting for a cab wasn't going to work for us (cause there was a lot of blood, and a lot of screaming.) So we called 911, who couldn't spell Claremont or understand me when I did. They sent an ambulance. I got Justin to stop pacing and lay Reuben down so I could put pressure on it. Justin got dressed and went out to wait for the EMTs. Reuben was a little dazed, and so we started singing so I could be sure he was still there.

I think if we were in a regular place with a car we wouldn't have called 911. So once we got the bleeding to stop I started to feel really stupid that we were in an ambulance going to the emergency room. And I started to realize how much this was going to cost us (even with insurance.) And they don't just drop you off, they have to wait for you to get checked in, so I felt bad that our lots of blood was monopolizing resources.

The hospital was very efficient in treating Reuben. We were quickly checked in, Reuben got a bracelet, and we were lead to the pediatric unit. Where Reuben was weighed and they asked us a few questions about what happened. Then the doctor came. Reuben had three staples in his head less than an hour and a half after he had a hole in his head.

Then came the waiting. 1:15 am we finally got all the paper work done and walked home. We got home around 1:40, and tried to go to bed. It took each of us a little bit to calm down enough to fall asleep.

I didn't bring the camera, it wasn't the first thing that came to mind, so I will try to get a picture of Reuben in his "hat" which is his bandage around his head holding the gauze on.

We are thankful he is okay. And will be enforcing the no more monkeys jumping on the bed rule.

WARNING: Only click the picture below if you are curious about the wound itself...squeamish viewers beware.


Courtlin said...

Holy Cow. I am glad that he is ok. The staples kind of creped me out.

The Jones :) said...

Wow...what an experience....911 in New York!! Woo hoo!! :) Glad he's ok...and that you all got "some" rest last night!! Good luck enforcing that rule!! :) Boys and their jumping...maybe he'll learn from this??? Love you guys!!
-Becki :)

Jed and Kate said...

How scary!! I am so glad that he's okay! I would have called 911 too...you can never be too careful. Poor Justin spent a lot of time at medical centers yesterday since he had to wait around to help Jed home--thank you so much for that!! We owe you two big time!
How long did till Reuben will be all healed up? Poor little monkey!

Talyn said...

Despite your obvious warning, Courtlin and I both clicked the picture. Curiosity made us gag. I think I would have preferred a dead cat. His face looks swollen in the picture. Is that just the picture or is the bandage squishing his face?

Lark said...

Thanks for having Reuben call me. He sounded good.

Did the Dr. give you anything for pain? I'm sure it must hurt and will for several days.


Rachel said...

Poor kiddo! I probably would have called an ambulance too if I was in NYC. Glad that he's doing okay now.

Mindy said...

Look on the bright side of things--you'll have this memory to talk about for years to come. Poor guy. I think it's better to be safe than sorry too. I hope your bill doesn't send you back to the emergency room with a heart attack though. Good luck and I hope he heals quickly.
I was just thinking about you running into a wall this week because Hazel had a blanket over her head and was going bananas....just a side note.

Courtlin said...

I like how Reuben is still smiling with his sweet head thing, when he just smacked his head open.

Tammy said...

Oh no! I'm glad he's okay.
Give him an extra hug for me.

xo Tammy

PS. Staples don't freak me out, they just make me really glad we live in the 21st century and can put staples in wounds when we need to! ... So long as I don't have to do it of course, that would freak me out.

Jessica said...

Poor Reuben. He looks kinda cute with his bandage on though (of course, he always looks cute). I'm glad he's okay, and I'm sorry you had to go through that. What a pain!

emilysuze said...

What a scary experience to have! I'm glad that everything worked out well and that Reuben is still smiling even with his head bandage!