Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bronx Zoo

The exterminator sprayed poison in our apartment today, so Reuben and I had to leave for at least 4 hours. Where was I going to go for 4 hours. I considered a couple places, but the Frick Museum doesn't allow children under the age of ten, and I didn't want to have to take a bus anywhere, and 4 hours in a library was going to drive both Reuben and I crazy. So we went to the Bronx Zoo. Wednesday is "pay what you like day" and they suggest 5 dollars. And it wasn't like the museum "suggested price" where that is what they make you pay, when I got there she asked, "would you like to make a donation." I could have said no, but I paid the suggested price. Its just the principle of the thing, whey they say "suggested" it doesn't mean you have to pay that.

We learned that it takes a long time to get to the Bronx Zoo.

We got off at the first stop, which has A LOT of stairs, and they are narrow stairs, so I thought I was going to die and never go to the Bronx Zoo again.

Reuben's favorite animals were not the monkeys. He LOVED the ducks and geese and peacocks, was pretty excited about the tiger (when we first saw it he yelled, Tiger! I didn't even know he knew the word for tiger), and he loved the bears (grizzly and polar), and was happy watching the sea lions, (now he says "Sealawn, Baaah Bark BARK!!!") The monkey's were up there with the giraffes. I think the problem was they didn't look like George so Reuben didn't make the connection. (And he's also on a no-monkeys-on-the-bed kick.) He kept asking to see the elephant, but it was not in season.

The Bronx zoo expects you to destroller you baby when you go inside. Which is annoying when your stroller is your lifeline, your two year old like to feel the floor for some strange reason.
In the winter time most of the animals are not there, so don't go on a full price day. It was worth 5 dollars, but I would have been upset if I would have paid full price. We couldn't find the penguin house, so we will have to go back in the spring or summer so we can see those and the rest of the animals.

When we were pooped out I decided I would take my chances and go to the second subway stop, because I knew it couldn't be worse than the first one. So, I tried to follow the maps. I got a little confused and thought I was lost... but quickly found the stop, and guess what... ELEVATOR!!! and it was clean and didn't smell like NYC elevators. It took me an hour and 45 minutes to get home, and as I was unlocking the door to the lobby Daddy came around the corner. Reuben wasn't excited because he had finally zonked out in the stroller.

I was pretty proud of myself taking Reuben to the zoo all by myself, and I might be willing to do it again, but not until April 26th so we can see the elephant and lion.


Steve & Margaret said...

I am quite impressed that you took him to the zoo all by yourself... and that's crazy expecting people to bring kids to a ZOO (notorious for walking!) and not use a stroller! You are such a fabulous example of the Power of Moms!

Jessica said...

They didn't let you use a stroller? Are they insane? Zoos are the best. I'm glad Reuben liked the polar bears. Polar bears rule.

Lark said...

He is so excited about his pet rhinoceros. I love it!

Talyn said...

Ah, what a cute happy kid. It appears his head bandage is gone. Does he even notice?

breckster said...

He occasionally says "ouch, owie, head hurts" And he won't lay back so there is pressure on his head. 8 more days till the staples are removed.

Tammy said...

I loved the delight on his face in the first photo - now I understand why they talk about the magic of the zoo!

PS. How exactly do they get the staples 'out'?

I'm concerned about that process....