Sunday, September 13, 2009

Early Morning

09-09-12 063 Alt

Seven in the morning after a wonderful night. Only three feedings nestled between four hour periods of sleep.


sallysue said...

Yay! Good job Simeon! (And Yay for mom getting some rest.)

And since I've only said this in my head and not to you, Congratulations, and I'm so glad labor and everything went so much better.

Heidi said...

Congrats on some good sleep and successful feedings! I'm so happy for you. And your baby is darling! What a precious face, those little features and what a great description on Love in your previous entry. It gets me a little more prepared for my December experience! :) Take care and again, CONGRATS!

Petamay said...

Oh he is sooo cute!!! Congratulations!!!

charrette said...