Friday, July 17, 2009


Reuben and I are off to Minnesota. Posts may or may not be scarce... I just wanted to warn you so no one (*cough* Tammy) thinks I've gone into premature labor.

If you ask Reuben what he is going to do in Minnesota he will tell you:

  • Jump on that big, big trampoline
  • Play with Alena, and play with those lots and lots of toys, and play with those Legos
  • Play with Grandma, and Grandpa, and Jordan, and Courtlin
  • Eat M&M's
  • Build a tent, and get a fire, and then you get a green stick and put marshmallows on it.
  • Go swimming in a lake, do alligators live there? Do Dolphins live there? Who lives there?
  • That's all the things


Klous Family said...

Oh fun! I hope playing with the Klous family is somewhere on your list too! How long are you here for? Maybe we can steal ya for a bit and take the kids to a playground?? Excited to see you!! No Justin this trip?

Bob said...

Reuben is hilarious. I hope you have fun in Minnesota.