Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh, Mr. Sun

Do you know the Raffi song, "Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun...these little children are begging you, please come out so they can play with you."

It has rained on 18 of the 22 days of June, and the forecast says rain today.

Yesterday was one of the scarce not rainy days. We spent 10 to 2 out at the playground. I didn't even get hot until 1. It was so nice to let Reuben run off some steam, get him some sun, and not having him making a huge mess in the apartment.

Its supposed to be rainy all day today, as of right now it just looks like rain, maybe I'll bring an umbrella, and dress Reuben in his swimming trunks and escape the apartment again, because it really did feel good to play with Mr. Sun.


Jessica said...

It's been crazy here too. We've had rain almost every day this month. It's finally sunny today, but I don't think I ever remember seeing this much rain in June.

charrette said...

We've had the exact same weather here. Are you sure you don't live in Utah?

Heidi said...

Happy Sun!! What a strange month of June for here and there. It will be nice to officially welcome summer, glad you got a bit of it today.

What is the name of your new doctor! I like his paradigm and might need to get on a list so we can visit with him this fall. :) Congrats on making the bigger things count!

Sandy M. said...

Come and visit us in Oz where we have over 300 days of sunshine each year :)
You know you'd like to... :)