Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bronx Zoo

We decided to invest in our (hopefully) last year in New York, and bought the year membership to the Zoo. It is a very very good deal, and after today we only have to use 74 more dollars worth to completely pay for it and the rest of the year will be free.

Our only regret is we were planning to leave the Monorail until the end, and then it started to rain so they closed it, and the children's zoo. So, I still have not seen the elephants. It just means we need to go again, and hit those first.

Reuben says he didn't have a nice time because there were too many scary things, but he sure seemed to enjoy himself.

I can't wait until I don't get motion sick at the drop of a hat so I can ride the carousel. (It's included as part of our membership, so Daddy took Reuben a couple times while we waited out the rain.)

Can you believe how much Reuben has grown? Trading in his stroller for some nifty yellow clogs?

The butterfly garden was my favorite, it got us out of the rain, and it didn't stink. And there is nothing more magical that feeling flutters of butterfly wings all around you... until on lands on your ear. It landed on Justin's hair first, but it's poky again so not the best landing spot for butterflies. I may have overreacted a little to the butterfly on my ear (I love butterflies, as long as they don't touch me.) One of the workers came and asked if I would like her to remove it... so I calmed down a bit, and let it fly away on its own.

If you ask Reuben what his favorite animal is he will say "Lion." He loves to "be a scary lion" and run around growling. He was very disappointed that the lions quietly sat on the rocks and kept an eye on the new cub. "But, why didn't they roar?" He was pretty annoyed that the peacocks were louder than the lions.

With our membership we can get one guest in with us for free at ALL five parks, but be warned when we go we go opening until closing. Rain, or shine.


Lark said...

After Reuben told us at 6 a.m. he was going to the Bronx Zoo today, we were surprised at seeing a moose walking across the road as we drove up the North Shore of Lake Superior. Wild animals everywhere "eh."

Heidi said...

I am SO excited to do all that fun zoo stuff this fall!! What a great adventure for you guys. Thanks again for such a helpful and good chat yesterday! I appreciate your thoughts! Have a wonderful weekend.

Mindy said...

We love zoos. It's so fun to see your day trip and live it through you without the smell. :)

My name isn't Jerry said...

Love the caterpillar. You WOULD choose the preying mantis.

Sandy M. said...

I Love the picture of Reuben on the merry-go-round!
Is that a tiny fence between the lion and the other animals? Why didn't the lion eat them? Are they real?
We have a family of peacocks next door, (up to a dozen or more at a time). I love them, but visitors often complain about the noise! (Friends calling on the phone too.) My step-dad always used to say, "I'd shoot those birds if I had to live next door to them!" (And this from an animal lover and former park ranger!)
When we first moved in here, the peacocks would loudly call,
"he-lp! he-lp!" At least, that's what it sounded like. It had me searching all over at first, to find out who was in trouble. A while after we moved in, the peacocks seemed to change their call to, "Ne-il! Ne-il!" I'm afraid that I might have taught them that.. My sister, (who hears them when she phones), calls it Neil's fan club. I'm not jealous :)
The peacocks are inquisitive and often fly over the fence into our yard, where they are then trapped by a retaining wall too high for them to fly back over. Ah, the times we've had rounding those birds up to shepherd them safely home....

Tammy Lorna said...

I was going to tell the peacock story, but mum beat me to it! :)

I'm pretty sure Reuben had a great time at the zoo - lucky you can all go again whenever you want!

How are you feeling these days? Are things going well with the pregnancy?

xo Tammy