Saturday, May 16, 2009

We Boldly Went

I laughed...I cried...I loved it! Brecken saw it with me, she liked it, and she HATES Star Trek

And guess what? (this may be a spoiler) This caters to my love of rifts in the space time continuum...and now that our friends are in a parallel universe, they could create a whole new series with this new batch of old characters. Way to make it worth our while JJ!


Tammy Lorna said...

haha! I really liked it too :) It's been a big couple of weeks for movies actually! I saw angels and demons (Go Ron Howard - much better than the first one, and great actor performances. I was digging the circle motiff at the beginning, but then got sucked into the story and stopped noticing anything); Star Trek - which I put myself in the same bracket as Brecken for; Wolverine - Nice action movie. Mr Jackman really bulked up!; and Ghosts of Girlfriends past - too many girls in underwear for me to really recommend, but I thought the ghost of girlfriends past was pretty funny).

Glad you guys are getting out to see a movie or two!

Live long and prosper.
xo Tammy

Sandy M. said...

You love rifts in the space time continuum? Me too!

Bob said...

Jocelyn and I saw this on Saturday and both loved it. We had Jeremy with us, in his car seat, and he was being really good until we lost his pacifier. I had placed it in the cupholder, and then Jocelyn moved the arm between our seats back and the pacifier went flying under the seats of the row behind us (which meant Jeremy started to get fussy and had to be held down in the hallway near the front of the screen while I asked the people behind me to move their legs so I could find the pacifier, just as the dad came back to see me snooping around under the seats of his kids and demanded loudly to know what I was doing).

Anyway, surprisingly, we saw almost every part of the movie and enjoyed it despite the occasional interruption.