Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dust yourself off.

We spent the evening at the Pool in Central Park with some friends who were visiting from Utah. It was nice to see them. Nice to sit by the water and watch the ducks and raccoons.

Reuben played chase the little fluffy dog while we sat and talked, and then when the dog got tired talked his way into playing catch. The hill sloped a bit so I could only see his upper half. He would stand alert, the ball would be tossed in his direction he would try to catch it, fail and then pick it up and throw it up in the air. The tossers got braver, and tried to get it closer to him so he could catch. He swung his arms as if to catch, but too early, the football hit him square in the chest, and he disappeared under the horizon of the hill. The friend of a friend tosser turned and made a "I'm sorry I hit your kid with a football and made him fall down" face. But Reuben jumped right back up and threw the ball straight up into the air, picked it up ran it to the tosser and begged for more.
I wonder when we lose that ability to jump back up and try again. Maybe we don't all lose it, maybe its just me.

I did get breakfast in bed. I did enjoy my flowers. I didn't have to make dinner. And I did hear, "its mothers day so you have to be nice to mommy," several times, but even better--it worked.


emilysuze said...

I wish I still had that resilience. I find myself getting up more and more slowly these days after taking a hit. And I wonder, is it a lack of faith in myself or an inability to trust that things will go well the second time around?

I hope these sweet babies of ours will always keep that optimism in their lives so that they might weather the storms better than us.

Bob said...

I'm glad you got breakfast in bed. I knew Justin would come through.

Justin said...

Thanks Bob!