Sunday, May 3, 2009

Annual hair cut

A week ago I gave Reuben a hair cut. I said, trim or buzz. He usually says trim, but he replied "buzz." The rest of the night he rubbed his head and asked where his hair was. He'd go look at it the garbage and ask if we could put it back on.

I look forward to easy cleaning (its really impossible to get sand out of long hair.) Another plus is not having to get it wet and comb it when it needs to look nice. And he doesn't look as sweaty boy you can't see that his hair is sticking to his head.

The only problem is his monster/angry/bad guy faces are much more believable because of all the attention his eyebrows get.


My name isn't Jerry said...


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness- the expression in the second pic is priceless!