Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last day of Musikgarten until fall. I did three classes and in the breaks did this:

  • Made egg salad, found out three year old loves to peel boiled eggs.
  • Took apart a locked door handle with a bobby pin, while considering using the fire escape to free myself and three year old from the room if it didn't work.
  • Received regular updates on the flight pattern of a big black fly.
  • Gave permission for three year old to kill fly.
  • Received intermittent updates on success of mission. "I put my shoes on!" "I just yawned because the bug is making my tired." "I stepped on it and now it walks like this (fingers wiggle)." I stepped on it again and it crawled in my shoe. See! ITS GONNA EAT ME! SEE!" "I threw my shoes away because the bug wouldn't come out."
  • Retrieved shoes from garbage, got bug out of tred.
  • Finished "The Secret Life of Bees" while three year old napped to Lion King.


Lark said...

No grass will grow under you guys.

Sandy M. said...

Haha - am impressed with the bobby pin escape!

The Mason Family said...

Oh no! Did we really miss the last class? For some reason I was thinking May 6 was the last one. Darn cold!

I love your door story. Rhys and I got "locked" in his bedroom a few weeks ago because the handle on the inside had gone completely loose. It was 3 pm, no phone in there with me, no fire escape, and David was gone until 6! After about 15 minutes I figured out how to twist the knob just right while pushing the door inward before quickly flipping the knob back the other way. Oh, the tales we can tell ;)