Monday, April 13, 2009

Empire State Building

We went to the Empire State Building today. We were planning on doing it on a day I couldn't go, because last time I went we couldn't see much, and it was just a long line for a not very good view. But the forecast made it look like today was going to be the best day for visibility.

I'm glad I gave it a second chance. They said the visibility was 15 miles today, and that made a huge difference. Also, I didn't take the stroller, which made it much easier to get to the best viewing points.

We met Justin for a late lunch, while he was on a break from class, and had authentic pizza for lunch. (We just went to Sezz Medi on 122 and Amsterdam, but it has a wood burning oven and they use real olives. I love their Pizza Frita. A fried stuffed pizza with three kinds of cheese-mozzarella, ricotta, and one I can't remember, marinated cherry tomatoes, and basil)

Can you guess what we will be doing tomorrow, even with the threat of PM showers?

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Lark said...

How nice for Reuben and the grandparents they look like they are enjoying the visit.