Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Reuben did learn the word "resurrection" and that it means "get alive again."

He took some convincing that Jesus didn't die in the cave, that he died on a letter "T" and then his body was moved to the cave. The stone was there because somebody was going to steal the body. And then Jesus got alive again.

It took preschool, a primary activity, the nursery lesson, lots of parental coaching to get him there, but its a pretty important thing to know.

We had the Reasor traditional Mexican breakfast for dinner, Reuben's favorite part was the strawberries.


Mick said...

What about the Reasor tradition of making the kids cry before they find their baskets?

breckster said...

It was all that crying that turned me into a hippie, that tells the kid to talk to some animals.

Talyn said...

Dear Brecken,

Please label this as a home movie.



(And her mother, who is the one getting tired of hearing Reuben's poopy announcement 48 times per day.)