Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another "Simeon"

Our Simeon will be named after his 8th great grandfather who was also born in New York. More about him at my mom's blog.


Reasor said...

and was sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in which he was later married and sealed. And, served a mission in Canada and had beautiful children who were proposed to by Indian men as they crossed the plains to Utah. Sounds like the name is a keeper. Especially on account of the Indian.

Reasor said...

What I mean to say is "and was sealed in the Nauvoo Temple which he helped build." I think my brain was elsewhere.

Lark said...

“When we arrived at the place called Ft. Bridger we camped a short distance from the camp. That night we saw some Indians coming. We wondered what they were coming for when one young Indian left the rest and handed my sister Mary [Mary DUNN ENSIGN - your grandmother] a lovely shawl and told her to go with him and be his wife. My sister Mary was a very pretty girl. We were all so afraid, and when father told him she would have to refuse we were afraid they would get ugly. They tried to get him to take the shawl back, but he just turned and rode away and never bothered us again. Mary wore the shawl out after coming to Utah. Father certainly kept her close to him the rest of the trip."