Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Don't let the outfit fool you, it is not spring here, it is the opposite of spring here, the news was true, we got hit with snow.

As proof to you that I don't have the energy I should I didn't even go out to play in it. (I know, what kind of Minnesotan am I?) I just didn't want to have to find Reuben's snow gear, or sit in the snow, or get cold. Last year I did, but I also had more motivation to sneak away from the apartment then (cause I couldn't do it everyday.)

After all my music classes were over, Reuben spent the evening spinning. Which, kept the living room clean, and him pretty happy. He makes this same face every time he spins, like the momentum of his eyes is what causes the spin. I made some quesadillas (just cheese and tortilla's) for dinner, and Reuben did a very pleased "oh" when I gave him his plate. Poor kid, with a mom who can't handle raw meat at the moment.

I wish I had icecream. I wish I had icecream a lot. Some one call justin at 9 and tell him.

One of my old roomates is having a baby as we speak. Its very nice that I can be excited for her, and not overwhelmed with jealousy.

Did I mention I wanted icecream?


Mindy said...

I know it's not the same as icecream, but have you ever tried eating frozen juice from concentrate? It's almost like Italian ice.
Can't handle raw meat? I went through that big-time with Hazel and still go through phases of it even though I'm NOT pregnant. In fact, Chad cooked the chicken for me earlier this week...but I was just fine with it tonight. Weird. It's almost like when I can handle it, I should cook up a bunch and freeze it. Good luck!

charrette said...

It snowed here too. Jeremiah likes to make snow jell-o. (Jello mixed with snow.) It's not icecream, but the kids love it.