Sunday, March 29, 2009


I was flossing last night when POP! a filling flew out of my mouth.

I was not chewing gum, caramel, or any bad-for-your-teeth sticky stuff. I was flossing, which is supposed to protect your teeth. Am I really old enough to just start falling apart like this?

This filling has always annoyed me, from the very beginning (9 years ago) it would snag the floss and separate the strands, and it always felt like I shouldn't pull it up. I've been to three different dentists since I got it, and asked two of them about it with no sympathy or concern from them.

Why is it that teeth emergencies most likely happen on Friday or Saturday?


Lark said...

When such a thing happened to me I use Orthodontist wax to protect my mouth from sharp edges and air leaks until I could see a dentist. Do you know anyone with braces?

Mindy said...

Your mom's comment reminded me of when I had braces and would chew my mint flavored wax, like gum.

Hope you get to the dentist soon...and be happy it was just a filling and not the tooth!

Tammy Lorna said...

Yuk! Sorry Brecken!

My brother Jonny's in dental school at the moment. I'm waiting for him to graduate so he can give me my first filling... I think I need one :)

AND, I expect him to go into the office to fix me up on a Saturday, should I need it :)

xo Tammy