Sunday, March 29, 2009

Black Paint

I've had enough time to cool down, although its not to the point I can laugh about this.

Friday night Reuben was in time out. (He had gotten gobs of butter, walked into the living room, flung the butter on the carpet. He was warned not to do it again, and did but this time he ran.)

When daddy went to wrap up time out, he wasn't able to because Reuben had emptied a bottle of black tempera paint all over himself, his shelf, and the things he threw off of the shelf. Why do I have black tempera paint in Reuben's room... It was on the very top of the storage shelf, I can't even reach the top shelf. He cleared of his shelf, used it as a ladder, climbed on to the radiator, and got over to the utility shelf to get it down.

Three blankets, a shirt, our giant "Very Hungry Caterpillar", the shelf, the radiator cover, and the wall were all stained in the event. And, our bath tub has never had such a disgusting ring ever before.

Justin kindly stayed to help clean up, and was a half hour late for his commitment.

What I want to know is how the heck Reuben knew there was something so "fun" on the tippy top of the shelves. I want to know how he went from a cripple to a high bar walker in one day.

I was luckily so shocked that I wasn't able to be angry. Its the curse of parenthood, thinking your child should know better, but knowing they don't. Its a hard lesson to learn, and even harder to remember.


Tara said...

What a nightmare! I hate when those things happen! I also have tempera paint on the top shelf in Adalyn's room that she can't reach, but this reminds me that I should probably find a new home for it soon!

Mindy said...

Wow. I'm glad you've cooled down.

emilysuze said...

Holy cow! Note to self: never leave paint in child's room, so I won't be tempted to kill said child if he splatters it all over his room.

Kevin said...

Hmm...I guess that's why Uncle Ray doesn't put any guns in their room, even if it's on the very top shelf of his closet - he knows better!

Dani Grigg said...


Jennsie said...

I don't know how you kept your cool. Good job.

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh dear Brecken! I'm afraid your beautiful baby has become a "boy"

Nothing's safe.

My brother once cut up our entire new lounge (the day after we got it) with a pair of scissors...

xo Tammy

johnjen said...

This is Auntie Jen! So sorry Reuben did this. Our family has burned up 3 carpet machines with the various messes are 4 kids have created over the last 10 years! My favorites (or not so favorites), Kaley coloring all 3 white-patterned couches with orange marker and Samuel spilling grape soda all over the light tan carpet! Kid will be kids! They all grow up too fast so try to enjoy these moments!! :) XOXOXOXOXOXO!