Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Diagnose me

On Monday I woke up from my nap with absolutely no feeling in my right arm. But as it started to tingle a huge pain progressively grew in the right-underside of my arm (most of the pain is about two inches from my elbow, but the whole right underside aches), and my pinkie and ring finger never fully woke up.

It hurts like crazy: keeping me awake, making it so I can't do regular things like open the fridge without yelping in pain, it hurts more when Reuben holds my hand. I even took some Tylenol yesterday (it didn't help much) but its the first medication I have taken since I knew I was pregnant, and I have had some pretty bad headaches.

So what is it? I'm on day three, and I'm ready to go to the doctor if there was a hope they could make the pain stop.


emilysuze said...

Weird. Sounds like you need House to diagnose you and your ailment.

The Jones :) said...

That doesn't sound good Phatty...could be migraine issues like I had at the end of my pregnancy. My whole right side had issues...didn't hurt like it sounds like you're having...but it would go numb and I had the headaches. They I would recommend going into the Dr and finding out what's going on...I'll be thinking of you and hoping it gets better!!
Love you and good luck!!!

Sandy M. said...

Ouch! That's terrible Brecken. I think go to the doctor asap.

Because if you leave it to me, my diagnoise is: Your arm 'went to sleep' and is very cranky about getting up again!

(Do American's use 'my arm's asleep' for 'my arm went numb and has pins and needles'? Not sure if that's an everywhere thing or an aussie thing...)

Go to the doctor.

xo Tammy

The Mason Family said...

Maybe a pinched nerve? Definitely go to the doctor if it's not getting better!

Mindy said...

Go to Mayo Clinic dot com and put in arm pain for the symptom. It walks you through step by step. I just did it thinking about you. My suggestion would be to call your uncle that's a chiropractor, and then go to the doctor. It sounds serious.