Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What he sees

Reuben took this picture. He begged and begged to take a picture with the "cramra", so I showed him the button to push. He came closer and closer and pushed the button.

I'm taking piano lessons. When I practice Reuben comes and lays his head on my arm or hand. When I practice when he is watching a movie he tells me to be quiet.

I've been a little under the weather since we got back, and not feeling up to running and chasing him, or going outside in the pretty cold. But, we have been reading... a lot. He builds a pile of books, then carefully puts them in order. We've gotten up to an hour and 15 minutes of cuddling and reading. We are memorizing nursery rhymes.

In the afternoon, we sit down to watch a movie, and I doze off with him on my lap. When daddy comes home and asks what we did Reuben doesn't say "we read 10 books 500 times" or "mommy played the piano" or "we ate oranges" or "I made a big mess." He says "We watched a movie and Mommy fell asleep." I miss his nap time a WHOLE lot, he never knew that I fell asleep during the day until he didn't anymore.


The Jones :) said...

He's pretty lucky to have so much one-on-one time with his Mommy!! And what a beautiful Mommy he gets to see everyday! Sure do love and miss you Phatty!!

Tammy Lorna said...

I love the glimpse into his days :) It must have been wonderful to be a child!
xo Tammy

Rachel said...

Move over Annie Lebowitz

Mindy said...

Same thing happens here when we did a ton of activities. What did you do today? 'Um, we watched TV and mommy did family history.' It sounds like that is the ONLY thing we did all day.

Taryn said...

How pretty you look!

charrette said...

Jeff has a filmmaker's theory that the director's vision is always reflected in what he sees through the lens. In other words, he sees what he wants to see, and it's his vision that makes it to the final product.

So knowing that he took this, I can see that theory played out. Reuben captured a little bit of fatigue, but mostly beauty and love in this shot.