Monday, January 26, 2009


Last night I had repeated dreams that Reuben was not safe. There trying to get in his room, someone in his room, someone watching him. I finally got out of bed to check on him.

I opened the door to his room to peek in. Usually I can't see him because of the bundle of blankets he hides in, but last night he was sitting up. He turned his head and said, "Good. Can I sleep in your bed?" We sat on the potty because my bed is not equipped for accidents, and he held on tight as I walked down the hallway and through the living room. I laid him down in between Justin and I, Reuben held my hand and fell asleep. He did a bit of sleep talking about "the girl over there."

I wonder how many nights Reuben has sat awake but not willing to get out bed. I'm afraid he got a little bit of both our sleep issues. Mine not being able to stay asleep, and Justin's active visuals.


Justin said...

his favorite dream of "Jack the balloon hurt my tummy and I ate chicken"has now changed to I was wearing a cape and the Evas (from Wall-E) were wearing capes and they were mean"--he is my son--I should do a dream blog where every day I post about my dreams--then again, I probably shouldn't, then i would end up on Nightline with a story about weird bloggers

emilysuze said...

A lady I work with told me I need to get all the sleep I can in these last few weeks because I'll never sleep soundly again in the next eighteeen years. I thought maybe she was exagerating a bit, but sounds like it may just be the absolute truth.

Tammy Lorna said...

It's funny how you sometimes wake up unsettled. Or how you just sometimes feel unsettled. It happens to me only very occassionaly, but I always feel like it should never just be taken too lightly. I woke up with that feeling (really strongly) this morning actually. I half woke up in the middle of the night feeling the same way. Who knows, maybe I just had a scary dream I can't remember, or maybe something is going on that I can't see and don't know about. Either way, I said a prayer for all my loved ones, and then I checked the house, and checked on my little brothers, twice. (I'm watching them this week while everyone else is away). Once I've done all my checking and praying-for-everyone, I make myself stop focusing on it and move on, but I'm left half waiting for something bad to happen :)
Isn't it wonderful that you were in tune enough to go to him when he needed you!
xo Tammy

Mindy said...

It scares me just reading your blog. Pray, pray, pray! And here's a "trick" I learned from an old lady: Pray that if there is something you should worry about that you'll keep worrying about it, but if not that you'll be able to let it go. Hope that made sense! It has helped me a lot.