Sunday, November 16, 2008

"My best friend {fill in name here}"

Reuben's friend J. had a birthday party on Saturday. Reuben was very excited about the "princess cake" and kept trying to start "Happy Birthday," because I told him we had to sing "Happy Birthday" to J, before we could have the cake.

Reuben is pretty intrigued with this birthday thing. He told me exactly what to get for the present (stickers and paper). He talks about the party leading up to the event and then after it. "my best friend {so and so} was at the birthday party." "We danced at the birthday party." "Lets go to the party again!" "My birthday is J___ 13!"

I did not pose these kids, its just the way 3 to 5 year olds sit.


Lark said...

I love the new shades! And I am excited about an up coming Birthday at my house.

Tammy Lorna said...

Cute! My mum used to make me a pretty princess cake too - I loved it :)