Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am thankful for Justin's Birthday


Because it means he was born, and can you imagine the world without him?

Justin has a kind heart, he is the happiest when he is serving (don't take advantage of this knowledge, please!). He has a huge capacity, and it takes a lot to make him feel like it is actually a sacrifice. He is a wonderful example of sharing love, and serving in ways that are actually needed.

He remembers names and faces and how he knows people (or where he randomly saw them), and he is not afraid to make people feel like they are important enough to remember. He is getting more timid with age (my fault), but he still has the urge to talk to people he barely knows and confirm the connection.


He is a wonderful father, patient, kind, and full of energy. He is good at communicating with Reuben, and can often get him to settle down when I am out of ideas. He is a wonderful husband, working his hardest to support our family, he is gentle, and has full confidence in my abilities.

He has immense talent, discovered and sleeping. He is good at what he does, and will be good and what he will do. He is well-like among his colleagues, and just has to work with people to gain that respect.


I love him. Reuben loves him. Hundreds of people like him.

This morning we had fake cheesecake with blueberry topping. We will have baked macaroni and cheese for dinner. And tomorrow we are planning to go see James Bond (because if it is his birthday choice so I will go with him.)

He loves to read the comments on the blog, so leave a special on just for him! Like, a memory you have of him. Or, why you like him. Go ahead make his day!


hanner said...

I think I've already shared this memory in the comments but my favorite memory of Justin (and favorite memory EVER of anything) is when someone turned on "Vogue" by Madonna on the set of mr. dungbeetle and Justin surprised everyone by performing an elaborate and well-thought out dance. It was truly amazing. I also think that it was right after we had a little crew memorial for Angie, and it was in that moment that I knew I had some pretty great friends.

Happy birthday, Justin!!

Klous Family said...

Haha I don't know you guys as well as most people that will post comments on here today but the times we've been together have been a blast! The last time you were here and came to our house is the funnest memory I have! You two are so much fun and its so comfortable being around you guys! Justin is easy going and funny and has BEAUTIFUL hair! (I'm jealous!)He looks like a ROCK STAR!! :) I so badly hope we all get to hang out again when you are home!
Happy Birthday Justin!!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Justin!
As much as I know about you, I know from Brecken, and she has good taste. Whatever makes her truly happy, has to be good. Her HAPPY is you and Reuben, her family, and God. So, even though I don't know you personally, I see how much you mean to Brecken and that makes me like you. I hope you have a great birthday and continue to enjoy being you in years to come. Happy Birthday!

Jed and Kate said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! We're so glad we've been able to share this NYC adventure with you guys and have loved getting to know you better. You are so obviously a fabulous husband and father and we know firsthand how talented and hardworking you are. You are certainly an example of friendliness, kindness, and pure open-heartedness. We feel lucky to have you as a friend!

sallysue said...

Happy Birthday!
I miss randomly running into you at the HFAC, but, well, I'm not there for that to happen either.
I hope you had a fabulous Birthday-day, and enjoy the Baked Mac & Cheese!

Courtlin said...

JUSTIN!! I remember getting you "Stickum Catch." You were so excited and that made me feel really good.
I loved when you would ask if we wanted to see the dance to a certain song and you would just bust out.
I remember when it was 12:00am during Christmas break you and said, "don't worry the night is young."
I remember going with you to the Syndergaard's with you and your first time with real snow and sledding. It was great how excited you were it made me remember how much I loved it too.
I remember last year when you acted like different people and we were supposed to guess it was great!
I loved spending those couple of days with you in NY when Brecken was gone. I was glad that I was comfortable enough with you.
I am glad that you have never called any boy and told them to ask me on a date.

You are amazing Justin and I am glad that you are my brother. I am excited to see you in a month.

Lark said...

The first time I met Justin...Brecken was singing for the Ward as everyone sat on the lawn behind the dorm. I had just arrived in Provo. When I walked to the building she saw me and pointed me out between songs. As soon as she did that a tall young man with a big smile jumped up and come over to me and introduced himself. I don't remember what you said but I was impressed and told your future father in-law that day when we spoke on the phone.

In the days that followed I learned you needed more sleep when you joined us for dinner at friends how had moved there from Grand Rapids...you fell asleep at the dinner table during dinner. When I told your future father in-law about that he wanted to know if your were narcoleptic.

When your father in-law wanted to show you how to make ice cream with no ice at -20 degrees and Jordan got her tongue stuck to the metal on the door. Justin ran in the kitchen in a desperate search for cold water to pour over her tongue and save her from the frozen grasp of the metal. Jordan why did you do that and scare Justin who had never been outside in a Minnesota winter?

Happy Birthday!

Talyn said...

I remember going to the pool in Provo, and you and Brecken were kissing practically the whole time and Courtlin was so freaked out. Haha.

You're supposed to rub off on Brecken about being willing to talk to strangers, not the other way around.

I remember your pas de chat at Brecken's bridal shower.

I remember you and she singing and dancing on that date with Nicole and the insane guy.

I remember you hanging out with the reasor girls during the girl talk parts when we're all at home after Kevin goes down to recover from too much sitting around and talking.

I'm glad you're my brother too!

The Jones :) said...

Happy Birthday Justin!! Hope you had a GREAT day...Ryan and I miss you guys and are thinking about you!! We have a lot of great memories of you...but the best ones are just sitting around visiting and laughing I think!! You can always come up with something interesting to talk about and to make us laugh!!! You're a great guy and Brecken is very lucky to have you!! Hope you had a great birthday!!!
-Becki :)

Kevin said...

Happy belated birthday! I miss not having you around to go to action (or other Brecken-&-Talyn-refuse-to-see) movies with, but I'm glad that Brecken went with you this time. Tell us how it was!

Tammy Lorna said...

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! I've been terrible at the birthday thing this year!

I don't even know where to start with my memories of you beause I have so many of them, and there're all fondly remembered, but I'll list a few here :)

1) I remember the first time Michael brought you over to meet the girls of Felt 30. My memories of that night will be pretty much the same as Breckens - but without the instant crush :) You were so fun and enthusiastic, and we knew we'd found a new favourite friend.2) I remember Brecken and I lying in our room one night not long after that, as we discussed the name 'Brecken Cook'... I don't know if you two were even dating properly at that point, but we had to test the name out anyway. I think my 'Haha! Breck Can Cook!' took the romance out of it a little, but we decided the name would work... LUCKY! ;)
3) Of course I remember a thousand times when you've made us laugh with your dances, impersonations and charades :) From ballet in the park, to impersonations in the production trailer (your one of me was just a little TOO good!), to charading a 'taxi driver' at the Rosborough's in the most complicated and unstraightforward way possible!
4) I love my memories of working on films with you - From your first one (where I was the mean woman), to that other one where I was trailer trash woman (I really think your female characters should have actual names!). Dungbeetle, Familia Insults, Together Again. The list goes on :) I really can't wait until we start our company one day. With Brecken to keep us sane of course :) It'll be so much fun!
5) I loved having you in all of my film classes! It was always great to have a good friend to sit and laugh with, and to share chocolate penuts with ;) And especially after you and Brecken got married and I didn't get to see her as much as I'd been able to before, it was wonderful to have my 'link to brecken' with you every day (even if the stories and messages we'd send to each other through you were always completely different to how the sender had intended them! You're like chinese whispers in ONE person!)
6) And on the topic of Brecken: I love what a great husband you are to her, and what a wonderful father you are to my favourite little boy :) I miss Brecken, and sometimes I worry about the things that are worrying her, and I'm always so grateful that you're there with her :)
7) I'm grateful for all the times that you dragged me into being involved on film projects at/with BYU. I would have stayed buried in the books side of things if it wasn't for you, and I wouldn't have had all of the great and fun experiences I had, and I doubt I'd have the job I have now (which I love) - so I owe you one ;)

Speaking of work, I'd better get back to it, but I really hope you had a fabulous day. It feels like we should all be going to see the latest Harry Potter film for your B'Day, but I hope you had fun anyway!

:) Tammy

Sam said...

Hey Justin,
Happy birthday a couple days ago! And, for that matter, happy Thanksgiving Justin and Brecken!

Sam, Jamie, Jane, Mary, and Duffy (the dog)

Rachel said...

I am late, but I love Justin. Cook, you are likely my oldest friend. Favorite memories? I count impersonations of Lynch and Boyle, and when you used to call the beef jerky and bottled water hotlines with fake accents. I liked that we made the EFY dance cool at Sadie Hawkins and the time you got the kiss from Mel in psychology and then failed your quiz (sorry, Brecken, but it was pretty funny). I loved when you came home from your mission and you'd just met Brecken and the way you'd tell me all about how wonderful she is and how exciting it was to see you really in love. I loved Allya Change and Betty Bettathanu and the Crimson Jihad. I loved you saying "rhinocerous" (notice I can't spell it) during my stint as the "What do you lack boy, huh?" witch, and being your girl on the other side of the wall and breaking your heart. I loved your Elwood and your Puck and your Angry Man (those boots were outrageous). I will always treasure the memory of you in the windowsill in Sister Carole Robinson's valiant class. I loved you talking about the way people in the Los Lunas First Ward were so weird looking. I loved being at your house with your parents dancing in the kitchen. I especially loved having you and Brecken and Reuben in my home earlier this year, and your new fancy jeans. You are one of a kind, and the world is a much better place with you in it.