Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

[Insert picture Here--according to your request after your birthday haircut tomorrow]

You are now 27! I know, it's not 23, the beautifully curved and aesthetically pleasing number you wished would stay forever--but it's a day to celebrate!

On this special day I want to celebrate you and the gifts you have given me. You are talented, intelligent, beautiful and you make my life so rich! I have reached new heights in appreciating art, music, and culinary skills. I am definitely a better cook and a singer thanks to your encouragement and I know how to study a painting and not just walk by one. Because of your awareness I am more interested in the world around me, aware of social and political issues and I approach these things with an eye of compassion and understanding. I am encouraged by your desire to maintain a steadfast and immovable position in the path of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have Reuben, an incomparable gift, and not only all the facts, but skillful, loving demonstrations of observing and shaping healthy and happy childhood development. Your confidence in accepting who I am for how I am has led me to wear clothes that fit me and appreciate a better aesthetic in my wardrobe choices. You help me explore my art in a more comprehensive and effective way, acting as a propagator of fresh ideas and an objective yet sensitively tuned audience to all of my craziness. Thank you for giving me the gifts of growth, understanding, and positive progression--I am so glad we are on this journey together and that we can take this day every year and always to celebrate the gift you are to the world and that person I am because of the many gifts you share. I love you!


Tara said...

That's so cute!!! Happy Birthday!!! I can't wait to see your hair!
ps. Justin, great job on the cakes!

Gayle said...

You're a sweet man and so lucky to be living your dream with your dream woman.

Tammy Lorna said...

amen to the above justin!

charrette said...

You make such a stellar couple. Great tribute!