Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The way he came

The other night while I was knitting and Justin was checking his email, Reuben left the room and came back with three peppermint patties. He walked straight up to me and handed me one "here.", then walked over to Justin and handed him one "Daddy? Here.", then opened his own and started eating it.

That moment is something I never want to forget. I never want to forget that he is naturally a sharer, that he wants things to be just and equal, that he doesn't have the desire to keep all three patties to himself. I want to remember that he knows how to get what he wants... by presenting it in the best possible light.

Its nothing we did. He just came that way. He says please and thank you. He says excuse me, he says sorry. He shares candy, he gives hugs and kisses. He talks to his bear, and makes sure that he is comfortable and not too tired. I hope we don't do anything to stop him from being who he came as, because he is pretty lovely the way he came.


The Jones :) said...

Phatty...I think you had more to do with that then you know!! You're an amazing person...and I know you probably helped teach him to be polite and say those things!! But what a great kid...and I hope he doesn't change either!!
-Becki :)

Tammy Lorna said...

I miss Reuben! Give him a hug from me :)

xo Tammy

Jed and Kate said...

I am a firm bleiver that kids definitely come with their own personalities and tendencies. My mom always says, "you start with who you start with." BUT, I also know Reuben couldn't have learned the words please and thank you without you teaching him how to say them, what they sound like, and what they mean. You showed him when it's appropriate to use those terms and you've shown him how you would like him to behave. So you definitely get a gold star for that! And Reuben gets a gold star for choosing to follow what you've taught him and choosing to be a sweetie of a little boy! We just love that kid!!