Monday, August 25, 2008

Picking Battles

Its a delicate process keeping a two year old, and you processes safe. The battles I have picked to fight involve no using mommy's knives, and no "washing" cell phones.

Its my own fault that Reuben colors on himself every day. If I never drew that cat face, that very first cat face Reuben might not put the marker to his face every time he sees it. These cat faces were in the same day. the one with the pink was this morning, then we washed it off in a bath, and the mostly blue cat face was right after his nap. The first good smiling picture I get of Reuben in a couple of months and he has a cat face.


Mindy said...

Are you telling me you are not that talented that you can't photo shop that ink out of there?! I bet you could "fix" it.
He has really good color choices. The first picture with the green on his lips makes his eyes seem kind of green and the last picture with all the blue makes his eyes SO blue. Kids are funny. Does he do the same thing at nursery? You might want to set a date and then tell him that after that date, no more cat faces, markers are for drawing on paper only (you don't want him to become a tatoo artist) if he's good then he can play with the markers, if the markers get on his face, then the markers need to go in time out. Naughty markers. Wonder if it will work.

Tammy Lorna said...

I know we shouldn't 'encourage' his body art ;) but I really love that last photo :) What a delightful little face!

xo Tammy

Gayle said...

Don't ever discourage your child from being more like a cat. What could be better!