Friday, August 5, 2005

Minnesota Here We Come

Tomorrow morning we leave for Minnesota. So I had all these plans of what to do in the Minneapolis airport with our 5 hour lay over... but we miss the earlier flight to Duluth by 20 minutes, and we miss Talyn by 15 minutes. So we will pretend like we are at the mall (an over priced airport mall) and just browse, or go find a fountain near Gate 67. (Did you get that wonderful reference?)

The says that the mosquito forecast is worse right before noon, and it will be not a 100 degrees, and it will be not dry as an empty swimming pool with a leak, and it won't even be 30 below. I love that Minnesota place! If only there was a city with the name that ended with a y sound so I could live there... Hollywood, Baliwood, Vancouver... and that's why.

Tonight Justin's friends that he TA-ed are coming over to play movie games, (Scene It, and the AFI game) and I am going to bed at 10 no matter what they say. I'm older then them, and pregnant-er than them-- so I can be a party pooper. (Talyn's Popple's name was party pooper.)

The blob is due to make an appearance in twenty two weeks. Happy 5 months of being inside of me to the blob.

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Talyn said...

The only reason my popple's name was Party Pooper was because I didn't know how to read and you told me its name was Party Pooper. I'm almost certain the actual name was Party Popple.