Sunday, August 14, 2005

Talyn's Wedding Post

Whoa baby am I pooped! Winnipeg is a big city... did anyone know that? The reception there was very nice, except for the fact it was 3 hours long. Three people (Canadians) asked Justin if he was British because he narrated the wedding video with an accent. And plus with his long hair, and nice suit he kind of looked British.

We listened to an interesting book on the way to Minneapolis from Winnipeg called "Fly Boys." It was pretty good... I wouldn't have been able to read it because it was very repetitious, but it was not biased on either side, it told the bad and the bad of what happened to those navy pilots during WWII in Japan.

The wedding was very nice. Talyn looked great, although she did slouch.

The reception in Grand Rapids was nice too. I decorated the cake, and somehow it tilted. Justin and I sang, and made Phil Strege cry... well his eyes were watering whatever it was. We did better than in Winnipeg, but no one got it on tape so there is no proof.

Talyn and Kevin have been in and out, staying at bed and breakfasts, but still opening presents and getting ready here. We will see them at church today, and then we won't see them until they get back to Utah. I'm not ready to go back yet... it hasn't been relaxing at all!

I do like the humidity, and the 68 degree weather, and Justin has been converted to the small town greenness of this place I love.

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