Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last Day with Courtlin

We spent Courtlin's last day in New York hitting a few of the things of the "movie" sites. Enchanted, and You've Got Mail. And of course Chinatown again, because she loved it so much.

Dear Courtlin,
We loved having you. We are glad we are not tourists anymore. I am sorry I didn't look at the Hairspray tickets and we missed the opening song. I'm glad we got to see so much with you, and hope that you enjoyed what we did. Next time you come we will fit in more concerts, and maybe a museum.

We miss you!

We took a taxi to JFK. Reuben got car sick and threw up a couple times. Courtlin didn't even flinch. We are trying to get back to our normal life... laundry, dishes, Justin working on his project. Reuben has spent the last few days asking where Courtlin is, and then talking about MinaSoda and going home.


Tammy Lorna said...

Oh so fun! I'm sorry you miss her now though :(

How long did she stay for?!

xo Tammy.

PS. Love the photo of Reuben against the wall... :) Gives you time to 'discover' him in the photo.

Courtlin said...

I miss you guys to. I think I will return to NYC someday. But not any time soon. I am tired.