Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Name Movies this building is in.

It isn't the Met, its the Lowe Library on Columbia Campus.


Kourtney said...


Kazzy said...

I am a very old friend of Charrette's and as I was just visiting her blog I clicked on some of her friends' links. You are at Columbia? Do you attend the same Manhattan Ward as Kim and Zac White? They are our buddies from their BYU days when they lived in our ward in Springville. And hang in there on the grad school husband was at it for 7 years, but it was worth plugging away and gettin' 'er done!

charrette said...

No idea...not good at that sort of thing.
But it's a cool building,
and a great shot of Reuben.

Tammy Lorna said...

I second Charrette.

By the way. I just realized who Charrette is! Hi Charrette! And please say hi to your husband for me! Very exciting :)

xo Tammy