Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dear Tammy and Erika

And anyone else who helped my husband with his previous projects.

PLEASE COME LIVE BY US!!! So Justin can graduate.

Does that look like I'm serious, because I am. Justin is working on his short film this week, and I have never realized how much I needed you! We realized that Justin's 419 went so smoothly because Tammy is above and beyond excellent, and Erika is a master art person. Reuben and I went today to try to help with craft, I'm already on IMDB for being a great craft girl, but that was before Reuben was my PA (he doesn't quite get "Quiet on the set.")

They probably need two more people on their crew, and they probably needed a more realistic doctor's office, and who knows where the budget is.

Please. We need you.


Erika Hill said...

Wow I feel so loved and appreciated! Speaking of that 419 project, I've got a bag full of the fabric that I used for the placemats in the restaurant. I was thinking about sewing them into a quilt, but I realized that you're probably better at that sort of thing than I am. Would you like them? If not, I'll do something with them.

Good luck with filming! I do wish I could live in New York (probably not for long, I might go crazy), but alas, BYU is here.

charrette said...

And I'm sure there are plenty of people here wondering where Justin is so THEY can graduate!

There's nothing like having the right crew!

And Justin is so lucky he has YOU!

Tammy Lorna said...

Ohhhh. I wish we could be there to work with Justin on his films too. How much fun would that be?! :) Actually I was thinking about Justin's 419 project just last night. But it wasn't really a happy memory - I was worrying about those poor people who's carpet we burnt a hole in! I hope BYU's Insurance did get around to fixing it for them!

There was so much we didn't know! I still think there's lots we don't know - but we'd be better now than we were then - I'm doing it every day now! I told Justin, that if he fancies a 2-3 year stint here in the Australia, then I'd put him forward for a job where I work.

Brisbane's a very nice place Brecken.... and he would get to pay people for craft so you and Reuben wouldn't have to do it.... And then you and I could hang out all the time... :)

xo Tammy

Justin said...

Done and Done Tammers--we'll talk :) We miss you!

xo, Justin

Jared said...

I wish I could be there too!

At Johanna McCuen's going away party we all lamented that the Cook fam couldn't be there to spice up the festivities as well as they spice up a movie set.