Sunday, June 8, 2008

Somthin I'm Lovin

My new found love of NPR podcast has reminded me how much I love listening to NPR. The serious smooth voices discussing things that you don't usually hear serious smooth voices discussing, and always the uber intelligent analysis of silly things like Spock.

Well, here is something that I heard on the NPR music podcast, looked up and found out that the world is catching up with NPR. Her name is Esperanza Spalding. She plays the bass, and sings (at the same time.) She has a myspace page where you can listen to some of her music before you decide you are going to buy some. You can get her stuff at I-tunes. She sings in English, Jazz, Spanish, and Portuguese. She said in the NPR interview that she didn't like to call it scat, because it wasn't poop. And the interviewer asked her what kind of soundtrack played in her house, and she said he mom would make up songs for everything. That made me think I should start singing more.

I love the Jazz! I love how talented she is! I love that it makes me wish I was singing jazz!


sallysue said...

Wow, She is great! I have a soft spot for singers who can play instruments besides the guitar and piano, too!

charrette said...

She's fabulous!

We love NPR too. Though I don't listen to it nearly enough. Usually the kids are commandeering all the electronics in the house. :)

And I remember being so pleasantly surprised to hear you're a Dar Williams fan too.
And Allison Krauss.
We'll have to compare notes.

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Amen Sister :) I love this - she's fabulous. Love the music, LOVE the voice, love the smile on her face that lets me enjoy how much she enjoys her music, love the bass playing, love the song, and I love her hair :)

I'll have to download some of her stuff - thanks for sharing!

xo Tammy

charrette said...

p.s. And I love the line about Scatting! (Never quite looked at it that way before.)