Monday, April 21, 2008

rolly veins

I got some blood drawn today for some tests. I warned the nurse that people can rarely get my veins in my elbow pit, so she looked and decided not to try there. I said that they could usually get it on my hand, so she poked me there and tried for a while to get it, and that didn't work. She then said, "I don't want to just keep poking you, so lets wait for the doctor." Have you ever had a nurse say that? It was so nice!

Then the doctor came in and tried for my elbow pit, and that didn't work then she looked at the inside of my wrist, and decided not to try that one, then she did it on the side of my wrist under my thumb. (isn't that a weird place). Well it worked. and I was only mildly light headed, because I kept my eyes closed for the whole thing, and tried to forget how many vials they had placed on the counter for me to fill.

I might be ready to be a grown up. Or do I have to be able to keep my eyes open during the blood drawing, because if that is the case I don't think I want to be a grown up.


Jessica said...

I hate it when they have to take blood from me (which happens a lot to test the levels of various medications I'm on). They never can find a vein on me either, and I've certainly never had a nurse be nice enough to stop poking me when they couldn't find one. As for keeping your eyes open, I think not screaming or flinching or fainting qualifies as grown-up.

Talyn said...

Watching as someone draws your blood is not a requirement to be a grownup. It qualifies you to be incomprehensible and strange, or to make lots of money being a doctor.

Mindy said...

I agree with Talyn. That stuff is for doctors and nurses. The rest of us just have to try our best not to be light headed.
Jacky was so bad at the Dr.'s that they gave her some sort of anxiety/relaxant pill so she wouldn't throw up every time they drew her blood.
I've had my fair share of throwing up and passing out in the doctors office. Enough to immediately tell them I'm prone to passing out from needles. Along with my bad veins and it's usually enough to get them to send the experts in. Never hurts to be honest.

Jennsie said...

Brecken, I know so many patients just like you. It's a nightmare. You say that you have never heard a nurse say she didn't want to poke you so she would wait for the doctor, well I suppose in my line of work I hear it a lot.
The place under the thumb on the wrist is suppose to be a goood spot. I'm glad they were able to get some blood. You will find that you will come up in massive bruises now on places they tried.

I too used to not like seeing my bloods taken or even watch a needle going in. Now being a student nurse, I've learnt to over come it. Now I can gladly been jabbed and jabbing others :) It's actually one of my favourite things to do. :)

Tammy Lorna said...

Okay Jen - I was with you until the end; you lost me when you said that 'being jabbed...was one of your favourite things to do', which you then followed with a smiley face. I guess I'm friends with an alien from another planet, and just never realised it before...


Brecken - I'm glad the nurse was nice to you! Sorry you had to have so many needles :( I hardly ever get blood tests - I could probably count the times on one hand. Luckily, I never really have a problem. I don't LIKE it, and it HURTS (Jenny), but I never get faint or pass out.

Emily and I NEVER get to faint - only romantic heroines get to faint *sigh* People like Jess and Brecken... *larger sigh*

Love you girl!
xo Tammy

The Jones :) said...

Phatty you're too funny!! I too had to have blood drawn yesterday...however...I don't close my eyes...I just turn my head away!!! I don't think it makes you any less grown up though!! Hope things are alright with the tests!!
-Becki :)

Michael and Natalie said...

I just remind myself that freaking out and hyperventilating and just not being relaxed constricts your veins making it very painful to have blood drawn (at least that's what the Red Cross lady would always tell me when I would freak out before donating blood in high school). That way I know I have to just take deep breaths to calm down so it won't hurt. That being said, until about 6 weeks ago I had NEVER been stuck twice by a phlebotomist, ever. Since I've been pregnant it seems that they can't find my vein. I think I've been stuck twice each time. That bites big time.