Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April First

I've never been a fan of April Fool's day. We didn't really do anything about it when I was growing up, but enough people do that it impacts me.

There is something about a day where you have to spend all your energy trying not to get punk'd, or figuring out if that is the truth or a joke that just wears you out.

How about instead of trying to trick, or lie to people we spend the first day of April knocking on doors asking for candy. And we could even say that if you didn't give away any May Day baskets you can't ask for any candy on April Ask for Candy Day.

happy april ask for candy day, would you like to contribute?


hanner said...

I totally agree. My sister (who is pregnant) just announced on our family blog that not only is she preggers, but she is having triplets. And I have reason to believe that she is not lying, but she posted it today! So I don't believe her! So I can't be excited until I know it's not a lie!

Jessica said...

Yeah, haven't been a fan since I ate paper that my mom stuck in my sandwich. I used to enjoy not doing anything to my sister and then making her totally paranoid by insisting categorically that I hadn't done anything. Other than that, I do find it tiring trying to figure out if people are telling me the truth.

Tammy Lorna said...

Well, I've never really 'embraced' AFDay, but I always really enjoy thinking up horrible things I COULD do if I was GOING to embrace it.... but then, I've always been a little more wicked in my head then I let myself be in reality.... ;)

I'm going to have to veto your 'ask for Candy' day idea though. I think it would detract from me-day, I mean Halloween, and we can't have anything that detracts from Halloween - it being the year's most important holiday (for a few very good reasons).

xo Tammy

Mindy said...

I know a couple of people that had babies on April fool's day and they had a totally hard time convincing their families that they were actually in labor. It's the one day during the year that even if you tell the truth, everyone doubts.

liz said...

I'm quite impressed with your blog. It looks like Reuben is getting to explore the city. As for April fools, jokes definitely run in our family. My dad tricks us every year.