Friday, March 14, 2008

Pay Day Pizza

To kick off spring break we made a pizza. (J mostly made it.) He made the dough, and cooked the sausage. We did the designing. And R ate the cheese, and the sausage, and he would have eaten the black olives if they weren't the last thing we put on.

I wanted some root beer to go with my pizza. So after we put it in the oven to bake we walked to the corner deli. And guess what... no root beer, only beer beer. So we were going to settle for Sprite (I prefer 7up as my lemon lime beverage, so Sprite was really settling.) We walked up to the counter, and Justin didn't have his wallet. (We are not sure if it is misplaced or lost yet, wish us luck.)

So I walked with R slowly towards the other deli, while just ran home to get some money. R and I stopped to take some pictures... really R stopped to climb some stairs, and I decided to take a picture.

We got home and the pizza was well baked. It wasn't quite burnt but it is a good thing we got home when we did otherwise I would have been pizzaless.

We ate. J ran to work. I started to work again. R pushed something on my computer that made it freeze, and when I restarted it everything would stall, so I gave up on working. Then we found out that we did not get accepted for the housing transfer (So we are going to spend Spring Break trying to get a living room by rearranging the rooms, we'll see how that goes.)

I'm pretty sad about not having a hope of a larger apartment, but then again we can't even "afford" the rent on 560 square feet we have... so its a blessing and a curse. We thought about moving to non-campus housing for a second, but that scared me even more than claustrophobia.

I just really wish that this life didn't clash so much with who I am. It seems that everything I could ever imagine disliking was dumped on this time of my life. And I am tired. I want people to stop yelling into my windows at three AM, why can't this city sleep... if it did I'm sure it would like it.

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Tammy said...

1) I really like the picture of Reuben through the stairs. It's got a really nice flavour - the framing you've used makes it an interesting stimulous for discussing the way people change, or what they lose when they retreat into man made worlds - even beautiful ones... But I'm sure you're already a veteren of those thoughts, living where you do :)

2) I hope Justin's wallet is just lost. Hasn't this happened at least once before?! Where did you find it that time? Wasn't it in the bottom of the laundry basket? or behind the stove or something? Justin, Justin... :D

3) I'm sorry you had to settle for Sprite, but Sprite does have that new fangled packaging now, right? So that should have been consoling on SOME level.... ;)

4) Home made pizza is great!

5) And I'm sorry you didn't get the new apartment, but maybe you're right ant it's a mixed blessing. I think re-arranging is a good idea, it always injects a newness into things. Do you remember the time Emily and I decided to rearrange the living room? We started by dragging every piece of furniture into the middle of the room (which really wasn't very big to begin with!). It didn't work very well, because all the furniture sitting in the middle of the room meant we couldn't move anything!
haha! Maybe you should try a different approach :)

6) And I know it feels like this life clashes with who you are, but I think there are at least a couple of things that I've notice you mention that fit perfectly with who you are. They're small, but being able to enjoy the cultural diversity of the city (concerts, delis, people), the beauty of the parks with their history and space all seem to be things that fit you. And remember your blog entry about feeling like the city was a village? with the old men who sat on the park benches?! haha! Okay, maybe I'm clutching at straws :) Either way, at least you know it's not permanant. This too will pass, and you'll be back to a lifestyle you enjoy - but will a lot of experience that might help you in ways you haven't even thought of yet. It seems that Heavenly Father often gives me experiences I don't understand until they prove really helpful/important at a later date. Maybe that's the case with you guys?!

7) I love you and miss you a ton. When we catch up again (whenever that is) lets go sit somewhere and talk for hours and hours and hours!

xo Tammy