Saturday, March 22, 2008

My fingertips smell like garlic

We had the Cook Shack's version of Cafe Rio last night, does anyone know someone who worked there so we can get the real recipes... I must say I came pretty close with the recipes I found online, but there were a few things missing. I made tortillas, barbacoa pork, beans, rice, the creamy tomatillo dressing, and pico de gallo. It was a special occasion kind of dinner, but very delicious. (Justin even said he liked it as much as a brazilian meal, and you know how often we have those.)

We had Jed and Kate over, and Justin reminded me that the first time I had met Kate was over Cafe Rio when Jed was working on Justin's senior project. I was working in the office and Reuben was three months old, and I was jealous of Jed because he saw more of Reuben than I did. (I didn't even know Jed then). Who would have thought that two years from that Cafe Rio night we would be in New York, missing Cafe Rio.

Justin and Reuben are going to be in a student film today, so I will have the house to myself for the first time since we've lived here. I'm going to work on organizing my craft card table, use it, and make some easter shaped sugar cookies. I'm thinking I might also get some eastery stuff ready for nursery so we can do a little pasting project.

Justin just brought me an easter basket... tickets to see Alison Krauss. :) Can we say excited? Reuben hasn't woken up yet... I'll try and get a picture today of his easter basket. (We do baskets on saturday, so sunday isn't about a bunny.) Happy Easter Weekend!


Lisa Brown said...

So jealous that you are going to see Allison Krauss! How exciting!. And I miss Cafe Rio too.

Tammy said...

I love Cafe Rio! I actually made a cafe rio meal just like that for my family last year. I got everything right except the dressing! (Didn't help that I didn't know what tomatillos were, and used tomatoes instead!... don't worry, I've since seen them in the store!). Anyway, my borther in law loves mexican food, and for his birthday, I gave him a voucher for a big Mexican salad dinner, so if you get a better recipe, send it my way! :)

And have a wonderful time with the house to yourself! I always feel deliciously wicked when I get the house to myself for an hour or two. Happens very rarely!

xo Tammy

emilysuze said...

Lucky ducks! Getting Cafe Rio all the way in New York! :)