Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I love Easter, I'm pretty sure it is one of my top two favorite holidays.

I love pastels, I love corrdinating clothing, I love the hope of spring. It is one of the easiest and most delicious tradition dinners we have. We have mexican breakfast for easter dinner (egg burrittos, fruit, and this year I made churros to make up for the lack of elephant ears.)

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. That through his life we know how we should act. That through his suffering we can be sanctified. That through his death and resurection we too can be resurrected.

I know he lives, and that because he does we have a purpose to our life.


Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken - cute photos! The dress is adorable, and so summer-y... yay! You're looking really really great :)

I love Easter too - it's a wonderful chance to stop and think not just about the atonement, and what it means in my life (because really, I can think about that anytime), but also to think about the fact that the Saviour performed the atonement. That's what I love thinking about at Easter: The love He had and has for each of us. I also love the stories of the people who were around him at the time. They really didn't get it most of the time, and he was so patient with them. I often think I'm like those people. They knew they loved him, but they were so imperfect, and needed his love and understanding so much.

xo Tammy

Anna said...

What cute pictures. I love your dress!

Steve & Margaret said...

Those are really beautiful pictures, Brecken! And I love how your blog talks about the true meaning of Easter!

emilysuze said...

Hooray for pastels and for you looking so very pretty in them. :)

Michael and Natalie said...

Okay I LOVE your pretty dress! For some reason my mom doesn't really celebrate Easter, but I think I'm totally going to get into it once I have a kid to coordinate clothes and hunt for eggs with! Seriously, you look very pretty and Justin and Reuben look great too.