Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Its for really reals.

Justin saw it for sure tonight... ON OUR STOVE! and he cleaned up the poop. YUCK!

And you know what is even grosser is that Justin is never home to deal with the mouse trap. I might have to do it myself to protect Reuben from the mouse, and so we can eat again. (which its totally illogical that I'm afraid to go in the kitchen because its not like the mouse can't roam the whole apartment.) Either I have to watch Ratatouille over and over again until I like mice, or we KILL it and all of its little friends. I hope he is the only one in the apartment... but the way NY mice live I doubt he is.

I've seen Muppets Take Manhattan. I know.


Talyn said...

There are mouse traps that the mouse goes in and then the trap spins closed so the mouse is stuck inside and then you just throw the whole thing away. You don't even see the mouse that way. They're more expensive, and not reusable, but I think it's worth it.

Talyn said...

Look for D-Con No-see No-touch traps.

Kevin said...

When you clean up mouse poop, be sure to clean with bleach or another powerful cleaner. From what I've heard, mouse poop can be very harmful to your health (more so than other type poop), so be very thorough and overly cautious. Clean all surfaces and also the stuff you clean with so that when you clean other stuff, it doesn't spread the bacteria. And have fun!

Tammy said...



xo Tammy (Good luck!)

PS. We found a little family of mice living in our leather lounge suite when I was little! They had burrowed into the lounge itelf! We used mouse traps and sealed off their home (in the couch) and we GOT THEM!


Mindy said...

Gives me the hee-bee-gee-bees just thinking about your little predicament there. Hope you find something quick...not easy to catch little pesks when you have a toddler around and you rather your husband just take care of it.
You could always call the bug man right?