Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Fat Tuesday

Does anyone know how often this happens? And does anyone know how often it happens, and there is a ticker tape parade in New York? We aren't going to wear masks or beads, or go vote (dumb be registered in the party rule), and we aren't going to the parade.

But we (Reuben and I) are going to go to the doctor. I will try to take a picture of something today so I can be interesting again.

Can you find yourself on the map? Thanks to Google Analytics I can pretend I have friends around the world (when actually London and Brisbane are the only actual friends that I know of).

I also think its weird that Midvale is the Utah city with the most hits, I would think it would be Provo, Orem, or at least Salt Lake. Who even lives in Midvale? and Duluth has more hits that Grand Rapids. I wish there was a way to not count when Justin or I visit, then the New York circle wouldn't be as big.


Talyn said...

It's possible that my internet is on a Midvale circuit. I'm only a few blocks away. Were there West Jordan hits?

Lisa Brown said...

Too bad you missed the parade :).

Jed and Kate said...

My daily visits to your blog probably contribute to the size of your New York Circle.
PS I also didn't get to vote thanks to that party rule
PPS I also didn't go to the parade...but I did watch a bit on tv while I stayed home from work since I am sick for the 5th time in 5 months...thank you NYC subway system.

Jennsie said...

Well I know that if there is a link to on your web page to others blog, then sometimes other people going looking through it. That could be what is happening with you. I actually thought I had the same problem, but I eventually figured out where most are coming from. Others i haven't got the foggest. I do know that when you type a certain key word in google it will pull up sites that have that word in it. That could be a lot of your viewers too.