Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trying to Remember

I can't remember why Justin took this picture, Reuben was reacting to something, but I can't remember now.

Reuben is having a hard time letting Daddy go back to work and school. Today when daddy left at 11 Reuben cried and yelled for "Daie" for a full half hour. He wouldn't be distracted or comforted. I don't blame him, there are days when I want to cry and scream for him.

I think that is the downside to vacation, we get used to having each other and being able to spend all our time together, and then it is back to real life. (That reminds me I want to add Dan in Real Life to our Netflix cue, stop me if you weren't impressed.)

1 comment:

Tammy said...

On the upside: What a wonderful blessing that Justin's the kind of husband and father who makes you want to scream when he leaves and not when he comes.

:) xo Tammy