Thursday, January 24, 2008

a bug

Reuben showed me a red spot on his wrist, and said, "Ow, it hurts."

Then he found a little tiny bug crawling around, and showed it to me. He said "a bug, a bug" over and over again, and then I killed it, because that is what I do to bugs because they do not belong in my house. Justin called to say he was on his way home right after I killed the bug, and Reuben wanted to tell dad all about it so he grabbed the phone and proceeded to say "a bug, a bug" over and over again. Then Justin hung up.

Reuben wanted to tell bapa about the bug, so I let him call grandma and grandpa, who he told about the bug.

Then we tried to put Reuben to bed, he seemed to do fine, and then started screaming like something horrible happened to him. And now he points to the red spot on his wrist and says, "a bug, ow. a bug."

I can't wait until I can understand him.


Lark said...

So maybe the bug bit him?

Steve & Margaret said...

I guess it's silly to be excited for Adam to start talking because you can't understand the first year or so anyway. :D
I think you are amazing to blog every day. I love reading your stuff!

Tammy said...

Poor Rueben!
I got bitten by ants when I was out in the garden yesterday.
Bites hurt :(

xo Tammy