Sunday, January 6, 2008

See you later alligator

Well, Talyn and her pluses left last week, Reuben learned to call windows monsters. Talyn told him there was a monster outside her window, one morning when he was peeking on Alena. Now, Reuben will walk by a window and say, "mon-ter, a mon-ter, oh no! a mon-ter."

Jordan and Courtlin left today. When we got home from church Reuben came up stairs with me to get lunch ready and walked down the hall and into Grandpa and Grandma's room saying "Jo-en? Co-en? Jo-en? Co-en? Bappa? Mamma?" I had to tell him Jordan and Courtlin when home, to which he said, "home? Bappa?"

Jordan or Courtlin (i can't remember who started it) taught him how to say "L 7 weenie." Which is from sandlot. He puts his hands up by his face and mutters the L 7 and then says weenie.

Its strange to be "grown-up." It was so nice to be home all together, but it was very obvious that we aren't kids anymore, and that I'm not in charge like they used to "let" me be.

We leave tomorrow for New York, repack to and go to New Mexico on Tuesday. Gotta take advantage of the children-under-two-fly-free thing while we can. I am looking forward to spending time with Justin's family, and hope being away from New York for a month will refresh me enough to handle it for a while.


Rachel said...

Wow! Busy bodies :) I loved seeing the GR pictures- makes me miss it.

Tammy said...

That's a lot of travelling, and a lot of holidays! Sounds great. I'm back at work, with life returning to normal :)

Oh, and I got your Christmas card in the mail the other night - very exciting! The photo is up on the fridge ;)

xo Tammy

The Jones :) said...

Wowzers...crazy travelers!! I'm glad you had a good time in Minnesota though!! And you're right...enjoy the flying free thing!! :) Be safe!!
-Becki :)

Morgan said...

Holy...that is a lot of traveling! Get it all in before the kiddos turn 2! Travel safe!