Monday, January 7, 2008

at the place we live...

good thing it is only for a few hours. I am not ready to be back.

I haven't found a roach or mouse yet, but the things I think are termites are all over the kitchen and Reuben's room... GROSS!

One of our bags didn't get to New York (yet). They are supposed to get it to us tonight... but no word yet. It had all of our christmas gifts in it, and all or Reuben's pants. I am going to bed and going to let Justin worry about it. Because I think it may give me an heart attack to think about all those movies, and books, and clothes, and... oh here it comes.

Justin said, "its like we never left." I told him, "oh, its like we left, its just that this place is so not for me I can't get it out of my system." I am listening to the Loon Sounds CD Justin got me. It is lovely! No cheesy music, just the sound of loons, and water, and chickadees. I am almost ready to get it on the I-pod and put my noise canceling headphones on to see if tonight can be summer in Minnesota. (those two gifts were in the suitcase that made it here.)

I am so looking forward to 5 ish tomorrow when we are safely in New Mexico!

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Tammy said...

Have a fabulous time Cooks! :)

(Reuben is lucky - two sets of grandparents in the same month!)

xo Tammy