Sunday, January 20, 2008

Photos from the last days (in New Mexico)

Sorry the photo with Ian on top is out of focus, but I had to include it so no one would feel sorry for him. There was equal amounts of being on the bottom of the pile going on.

We went bowling, had a great time. It was a small-town bowling alley, we had to keep score ourselves, and they didn't have bumpers. I thought it was pretty great that after Reuben pushed the ball he would take this position until the ball finished rolling down the gutter, or knocked down the pins, both outcomes excited him.
Pappie is the best horse these boys will ever know.

Justin took the next two photos on our way out the door to go to the airport. Reuben was a very good traveler, but he did sport the "This is not fun" face a couple times.


Courtlin said...

Reuben is so CUTE!!

Talyn said...

That is one pimped-out tricycle.

Ian looks older than Reuben.

Reuben's sweatshirt in the last two pictures is soooo New Mexican.

The end.

Tammy said...

Reuben's "This is not fun" face is so cute! :)
And I love the stance after he bowls :) I always think the most important thing about bowling is how you look while you do it - the whole knocking balls down part is over-rated ;)
And they look like they're having heaps of fun with Pappie :) I always loved that game when I was little.

I'm glad you've all been able to have a great couple of weeks.

xo Tammy