Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tah Dah!

Look what I made! The last one was too small for Reuben, it is very cute, but too small. So I decided to try again. I am going to go to the enrichment knitting group, and I didn't want to go and say... "um, I don't know how to cast on, or perl, or follow a pattern, or..." So I turned to the internet. had the videos to show me how to cast on (something I never really learned), how to knit around a circle, how to use double pointed needles, and how to perl.

Size 7 needles and Red Heart Supersaver yarn

CO 70 (that means cast on 70)
k1 p1 all the way around until you get about an inch. (that means knit one perl one)
Then just knit until you get about 5 inches. ( started to perl when I had about three inches, if I do it again, I will do it sooner cause I think it is too high on his head.)
k8 k2tog (that means knit 8, then knit 2 together)
k all the way around
k7 k2tog
k all the way around
k6 k2tog
k all the way around
k5 k2tog
k all the way around
k4 k2tog
k3 k2tog
k2 k2tog
k1 k2tog
Then cut the yarn about a foot away from where you finished. String the tail through the loops, and then down through the whole. Pull tight. (I did a knot, but I don't think I was supposed to.) Then sew the tail through the loops on the inside.


Michael and Natalie said...

You are SO talented. I could absolutely, unequivocally never teach myself how to knit. I was going to go to the knitting club too, but I DON'T know how to cast or perl, etc. I think I'm in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job BRC!

Matalie, go the the knitting club. Knitters would love to help you learn! Then you can teach someone else.


Tammy said...

I love your hat :) It looks so cute :)

I went through a knitting phase once. I was about 9, and Jonny and I decided to 'knit' dad some slippers for Christmas. I don't know where we got the idea, but it was a bad one. When you're nine, and you knit someone slippers, they end up being large baby booties. Dad's even had a woolen bow around the ankle! And knitting is hard (and boring when you're 9), so Jonny and I took turns knitting it. We got sick of knitting, so took some short cuts, and as a result the bootie was about 5 sizes too small. And we never did get around to the second one!

So alas, for Christmas that year, my Dad got a single size 3 Baby's bootie! (I think he was glad he only got one though, that way he had an excuse for not wearing them...)

One day you'll have to teach me to do it properly ;)

xo Tammy

Rebekah said...

Hi Brecken! I'm one of Emily's friends from BYU. I'm trying to teach myself how to knit and was wondering if you made this hat on straight or circular needles, or the double pointed kind.

Great blog! Wishing you more serenity in the big NYCizzle.

breckster said...

I did it on a circular needle. 16 inches size 7. Then I had to switch to double pointed needles when I was reducing.

Hope that helps!